Nick Sargente

Low Level Kernel Developer / Imagineer

Currently on Long Island, NY.

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About Me

I'm a Third-year computer science student at SUNY Farmingdale, where I've been lucky enough to participate in Hackathons around the country. I used to attend SUNY Buffalo and was an organizer of UBCon. I love building software and products that make people's lives better. My technical passions lie in low level programming and more recently, Audio processing.

I am a developer of the Haiku operating system, and a founder of the Red-OS Project.

I am an avid supporter of the GPG project and the quest for security. Here is my Fingerprint:
49A8 7E39 87C1 DFB2 B0EB F7F4 1235 F2BB 9442 E47F

Hackathon Projects

MHacks — Spring 2015Stock Simulator 2015

  • Humorous 80's Style Video Game written in C++ SDL
  • I even made the chiptune and sound effects for the hack
  • First full C++ application I built
  • Side Hack Spgit
    • Git commit message generator from currently playing song
    • Supports all Linux dbus music apps, and OS X Spotify

UBHacking — Fall 2014 — tkkr

  • Hardware Hack — Prints social feed onto receipt printer
  • Features — Tweets from Twitter, Stock Quotes, Status updates Facebook
  • Side Hack — Repaired a MAME Cabinet, Won organizer's prize

CalHacks Fall 2014Red-OS

  • Operating System Project for the x86 IBM Compatible Market
    Nick Sargente
  • Simple C Code — Anyone can read the source code
  • MIT Two Clause — More free than FreeBSD

MHacks — Fall 2014Asimov

  • Object Oriented Assembly — x86 Assembly Influenced Language with Objects
    Nick Sargente
  • Dynamic Typing — Rich inheritence and well-laid out design of classes
    NASM Based Syntax.
  • Fast Lookup Runtime — Implemented in pure assembly, this runtime makes object lookup/creation faster than java.
  • Easy to use — Learn object oriented programming using the low level tools needed for embedded projects.

UBHacking — Spring 2014Hyde

  • Dual Mode Compositor — X11 / ncurses library for compositing windows
    Nick Sargente
  • Graphical Mode — Simple, Raw X11 calls to xlib keep the library simple and fast
    Classic Styling keep the application clean
  • Text Mode — ncurses binding allows most GUI widgets to be rendered directly to your terminal
  • Awards — Won Bloomberg's "Most Technically Challenging Hack" award.

UBHacking — Spring 2013ACDC

  • Artificial CPU Design Concept — A 16-Bit CPU design with an emulator written in C
    Nick Sargente
  • Custom Assembler — Simple Assembly to Machine code translator. Developed in the last 4 hours of the competition.
    Still buggy, haven't had a chance to clean it up yet.
  • Awards — Won Iron.IO's "Really Cool Technical Hack" and earned me an interview with facebook the following year

Leadership & Involvement

SUNY Buffalo Strategist and Role Player's Association

  • Webmaster of the UBSarpa and UBCon Websites
  • Director of Computer Resources
  • Treasurer during the Fall 2013 semester

UB Amateur Radio Club — Spring 2012

  • Vice President Jan 2012 — September 2013 — Led organizational team to bring club back to life at SUNY Buffalo after 8 years of being inactive
  • Drafted Constitution for the club, donated an HF Base Station Radio and antenna setup to kickstart the club

Personal Projects

Apollo Project — 2010 - 2013

x86 Microkernel project developed with Bob Moss of Linux

MinerCPP — 2010

The First Open Source Minecraft-Server for classic minecraft. Founder of project was Fredrik Lang.

UBConomicon — 2012

PHP-based Dynamic Registration system for running conventions. Used during UBCON 2013, 2014 and most likely for the forseeable future. Includes entire backend for convention management including open map API for directions, and room balancing for scheduling events by amount of people who sign up

Red-OS — 2014

In Development Operating System with a CC0 License.

TheGUIBlog — 2008 - 2014

With the leadership of Brandon Cornell, the most niche project I've ever worked on - a site for people who like to write GUI Shells using QBASIC for DOS.